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diverted is lee richardson and stephen baxter

they began releasing music in 2003
on sokolov sounds, shortly followed
by a well received release "tholid"
on rennie pilgrem's tcr label

their dj career has taken them worldwide
including tours of australia, the u.s,
russia, spain, hungary, and so on.
they have played all major venues in the
uk and various festivals including glade
and global gathering.

in 2007 they signed to ali b's air recordings.
they put together a live band which held a
monthly residency at the renowned cargo
nightclub in london, played to a packed
audience at fabric several times and graced
the stage of matter in the o2 arena.

in 2009 they released their first studio
album titled "diverted" with guests nathan
"flutebox" lee, ninelives the cat and some
of the band's members tomas skelton and
danielle james. 2009 also saw a year where
they released remixes for thee earls (justin
robertson), radioactiveman, wicked lester
and various artists on title fight recordings

back in 2005 they started their own indie
label called "diverted traffic" with the
aim of exposing new talent. notably
mr no hands and dekoy. the label also
released the debut album by ninelives
the cat "are we dead yet?"

currently they are in the process of
writing their second studio album and
putting together their exciting new live
show due to start touring late 2010.

please have a look at the links/buy page
where you can view diverted's entire
discography and places to buy